Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery In Sydney & Canberra

Have you been troubled by the look of your nipples for years? Although rare, it is possible to address the look of indented or flat nipples through a fairly straightforward correction surgery. Under the skills of highly experienced plastic surgeon Dr Farhadieh, you too can achieve a more common protruding position of your nipples. Get the results you’ve always wanted with the professionals at Panthea Clinics today.


In some women, the lactiferous breast ducts (milk ducts) are tethered to underlying breast tissues, resulting in varying degrees of nipple inversion. Instead of pointing outwards, the nipple is retracted or recessed into the breast, producing indented or flat nipples. This occurs in 1–10% of the population, though in some cases, the nipple can be coaxed out to protrude with stimulation or arousal. It is also possible for some nipples to only be inverted some of the time, depending on temperature changes, and for a person to have only one nipple that is inverted.

Many women are concerned about flat nipples and wish to have them addressed. Depending on the extent of the inversion, surgery is possible to release or transect the ducts, allowing the nipples to spring back into a naturally protruding position. This involves the surgeon making incisions in the nipple, meticulously releasing the ducts where possible and dividing them where indicated.

As a triple board certified professional, Dr Farhadieh will listen clarify all your doubts during an initial consultation at either our Sydney or Canberra clinics. For a professional experience throughout your whole inverted nipple correction process, put your trust the team at Panthea Clinics.


If you’re unsure about whether inverted nipple surgery is right for you, contact one of the esteemed medical professionals at Panthea Clinics today. We’ll guide you through every step of the process and help you decide the best course of action for your inverted nipple correction. Book a consultation at our Sydney or Canberra clinics by contacting us online, or call 1300 030 371 to enquire about any of our other breast surgeries including augmentation or reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure may be performed either with general anaesthetic or with sedation and administration of local anaesthetic.

This is a day procedure and you will be able to go back to work the next day and resume all normal activities.

Breastfeeding may be affected by this procedure. Permanent sensory changes to the nipple are uncommon. Scarring is minimized through strategic placement of surgical incisions.

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