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Panthea Clinics offers a wide range of cosmetic plastic surgeries to help patients feel good and comfortable in their own skin. With our surgeon, Dr Farhadieh, specialising in breast augmentation surgery, we are proud to offer breast lift and implants procedures. We offer World Class care in breast lift and implants procedures. Working across clinics in both Sydney and Canberra, we are trusted surgical professionals offering innovative, state of the art care for our patients across the country.

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Mastopexy is surgery that allows lifting of the sagging breast, repositioning the nipple–areolar complex and re-coning the breast tissues. Where breast augmentation (implants) to restore or supplement volume is also appropriate, a combined procedure may be undertaken.

Over time, breasts can show signs of both deflation and sagging. The surrounding suspensory ligaments, as well as, the skin envelope which help maintain the breast glandular tissue in place, lose their elasticity. This causes the breast to sag. This is compounded by deflation of the breast glandular tissue, often due to breastfeeding, general ageing and hormonal exposures. Some patients want not only to have their breasts restored to a more youthful appearance, but also to have their size augmented with implants. At Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra, our breast implants are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee supplied by the manufacturer.


Breast surgery is one of Dr Farhadieh’s areas of special interest and expertise. With extensive experience and recognised as an international leader in the field, he brings a lifetime of commitment to surgical excellence and innovation to deliver individualised approach and World Class care for each and every patient. Regardless of whether you’re getting a breast lift and implants, a breast reduction, an eyelid lift or something else entirely, you can feel comfortable knowing he offers truly outstanding outcomes across the board.

Your initial consultation with Dr Farhadieh will review your past medical history at length. Factors that will be discussed include…

  • Your history of thyroid gland abnormalities
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Medications you’re taking, including dietary or herbal supplements

To ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed, you will be asked to explain what parts of the surgery worry you the most and what issues you would like our team to discuss with you. We will also carry out a comprehensive physical examination and take confidential preoperative photographs for your medical records.

In order to determine the best option for your needs, Dr Farhadieh will discuss the various options available to you for breast rejuvenation. With his advice, you can make the best informed decision what option(s) may be best for you.

Smokers will be required to stop smoking for at least 3-6 weeks before surgery and 3-6 after. On top of this, all blood-thinning medications and supplements must not be taken for at least 2 weeks before surgery and 1 week after.

Mastopexy-augmentation usually requires an overnight admission but you may have it as a day procedure if appropriate. You should arrange to have someone to drive you home and stay with you overnight afterwards. Oral pain relief medication is given during the first week after surgery to reduce any pain or discomfort as well as a course of antibiotics. While most regular activity may be resumed a few days following surgery, any strenuous exercises should be avoided for at least 8 weeks to ensure the healing process isn’t interrupted. After 1 week, you may have sexual activity as long as you are careful with your breasts. Throughout the entire That’s exactly what we offer here at Panthea Clinics. 8-12-week postoperative process, supportive garments must be worn in order to reduce any swelling.

All surgical procedures include a complication profile, fortunately these are uncommon in mastopexy-augmentation. Dr Farhadieh will discuss these with you during your consultation to ensure you are fully informed and aware of any potential risks.

Before proceeding make sure that you have read all the information sheets and have your questions answered.


If you are thinking of having a breast lift with implants, Panthea Clinics can ensure that you receive the highest quality surgical care every step of the way. We will guide you through your journey towards exceptional outcomes, so you can feel and look great in the body you’re in. Contact us today for a breast lift and augmentation consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is some discomfort associated with surgery. Although most patients report a tightness rather than pain due to excellent pain control regime we utilise which includes local anaesthetic for the immediate postoperative period as well as powerful analgesics.

The breasts will not only heal during the first 6 weeks, but will also gradually find their natural postoperative position. Gravity, healing and surgery drive this process.

The final shape is usually reached by 3 months. The incision scars will fade over the first 12 months and will often be barely visible beyond the first year.

Within 2 weeks you will be back at work and be able to resume most normal activities. During the subsequent weeks you will return to your pre-surgery levels of activity. We have a postoperative regime to help you through this time.

Your scars are routinely placed under the breast fold hidden from view. Not only does bras or swimwear hide the scar, in time it will fade and be barely perceptible.

Dr Farhadieh commonly utilised a short scar mastopexy approach which entails an incision around the nipple and extending down the breast vertically.

Dr Farhadieh believes that the doctor-patient rapport is amongst the most sacred and privileged relationships. Our practice is based on compassion, honesty, transparency and above all, patient welfare.

We pride ourselves on making sure that you feel supported through each stage of the journey. We will be available during all stages of your journey and will schedule short, medium and long term follow ups as part of our overall practice.

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