Breast Surgery

Breast plastic surgery procedures in Sydney & Canberra

Medical and personal reasons can contribute to women or men wanting breast surgery. Here at Panthea Clinics, we are committed to delivering excellent outcomes for all forms of this surgery – from breast expansion or implant removal to complete breast reduction procedures.

Why choose Panthea Clinics for your breast surgery?

As a triple board certified Australian trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Panthea Clinics founder Dr Ross Farhadieh has made specific plastic surgery contributions on breast augmentation in textbooks such as Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches & Techniques ( Wiley, UK, 2015). His work in this particular field is renowned. The whole team at Panthea Clinics is dedicated to surpassing client expectations and providing exceptional care throughout every stage of all breast procedures.

Types of surgery

As evidenced above, we provide a full range of procedures. From breast implants and reduction or reconstruction surgery to gynecomastia surgery (male breast enlargement). Rest assured, one of the best plastic surgeons in Canberra and Sydney will achieve exceptional results for you. Please click on any of the images above to discover more about a particular area.

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