Male Facial Surgery


Facial plastic surgery procedures for men in Sydney & Canberra

Panthea Clinics specialises in male face surgery, and we strive to provide excellent results for all of our clients. You can trust us for everything from professional injectable dermal fillers through to a full face and neck lift.

World-renowned triple board-certified Australian-trained reconstructive and plastic surgeon Dr Ross Farhadieh leads our team in providing the best quality plastic surgery for men.

Our male facial surgery services

Click on any of the above to learn more about the specific male facial contouring surgery we offer. From neck, face, brow, and eyelid lifts to nose jobs and ear pinning, Dr Farhadieh delivers remarkable male rejuvenation results. Let Panthea Clinics achieve the facial features you’ve always wanted.

Why Panthea Clinics for men’s facial plastic surgery?

Our clients trust and rely on Panthea Clinics to deliver exceptional male facial rejuvenation and impeccable customer service and care. Choose Dr Farhadieh and our team with confidence; we will deliver the desired results and provide premium care.

  • Highly accomplished, triple board certified and published plastic surgeon, Dr Farhadieh personally leads all procedures in Sydney and Canberra
  • Dr Farhadieh is a former Surgeon Scientist Scholar of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Astounding attention to detail
  • Outstanding post-surgery care and communication from a team with genuine passion, commitment and integrity
  • Latest modern technology and equipment
  • Premium comfort surrounds

Is this your first time considering male facial cosmetic surgery? Well then, you could not be in better care! Schedule a visit to view our image gallery and learn how other clients have benefited from our male aesthetic plastic surgery.
H2: Contact us for all facial plastic surgery procedures
For male facial contouring surgery undertaken by a world leader in the field, contact our friendly team today. We would be delighted to provide you with more information and talk you through the process.

As far as we’re concerned, your face really is your fortune, and we’ll treat it as such.

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