Meet the Team


Dr. Ross Farhadieh

My name is Ross Farhadieh. I’m a triple board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and the founder of Panthea Clinics. Here at Panthea we deliver a World-Class service that reflects the enormous breadth, depth and substance of my academic training and achievement. The backbone of our excellent service and attention to detail is comprised of the wonderful Team the makes up Panthea Clinics. Every member of our Team, without exception, is dedicated to our patients, and carry out their work with genuine passion, empathy, and enthusiasm.  Above all, they consider the delivery of your care throughout your entire journey with us a great privilege.


Sky Padilla, Practice Manager

Sky is our Practice Manger, patient care is first and foremost on her mind. She will be there to guide you every step of your journey with us. Sky will be here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease, so you may have a peaceful and relaxed recovery. From your initial consultation, to tailoring a personalised package, booking and arranging your surgery date and all your postoperative needs, she will be your assistant throughout your journey.


Anna Neville, PA & Business Manager in Sydney

Anna is our PA & Receptionist, based at our Sydney Clinic. She ensures our Practice is running as efficiently as possible and will be the friendly voice behind the phone. She is focused on making you feel welcome and cared for, and will be ready to answer any questions you have. Anna also fronts our various social media platforms, offering the public a snapshot of what goes on at Panthea.


Julia Grimble, Reception in Canberra

Julia is one of our Receptionists at our Canberra Clinic. She is the warm and friendly face behind our reception desk. She deals with the day to day administrative tasks, as well as our Practice logistics and supplies.


Sophia Barbour, Reception in Canberra

Sophia is another one of our Receptionists at our Canberra Clinic. She is part of the wonderful front desk team and is ready to help you with any questions, no matter how difficult.


Dr Yasamin Ziabari, Patient Clinical Liaison

Yasamin is our Clinical Liaison and she will be there to answer any general questions you may have about your surgery and recovery. Her attention to detail together with her genuine care and compassion make her a priceless asset in making your experience both rewarding and enjoyable.


Dr Bobby Manasiev, Anaesthetist

Dr Bobby Manasiev is one of our Sydney anaesthetists. He completed his anaesthetic training at Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he continues to work as a cardiothoracic anaesthetist in the Heart and Lung Transplant Unit. His area of interest is echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart). He has completed a postgraduate Diploma in Echocardiography and Masters in Clinical Ultrasound. In addition to plastic surgery, his other clinical work consists of anaesthesia for bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedics. He is always patient focussed and brings a sense of humour that compliments his extraordinary skill set as an anaesthetist.


Dr Pegram Mohammadieh, ANAESTHETIST

Dr Pedram Mohammadieh is one of our Sydney anaesthetists. He completed his medical degree at UNSW and completed his specialist anaesthesia training at Westmead Hospital. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

In addition to Plastic Surgery, Pedram’s practice encompasses a wide range of surgical specialties including head and neck surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and general surgery. He remains involved in quality and safety in medicine, as well as teaching.


Michelle Dwyer

Michelle is our Canberra Practice Manager who has been working in Medical Administration for about 24 years. She has been working in Plastic Surgery for the last 8 years for which she has found a passion. She will be able to assist with all administrative aspects of your journey with us.

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