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Panthea Clinics has an outstanding proven reputation for nose surgery in Sydney and Canberra. Led by internationally-respected Dr Ross Farhadieh, our professional team’s rhinoplasty surgery will address your concerns and deliver an improved and natural-looking result that is truly remarkable. For a Canberra or Sydney nose job you will love, contact Panthea Clinics today.

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Reasons for revision rhinoplasty in Sydney or Canberra

We conduct rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney and Canberra for many reasons depending on the client and their specific concern or need.

  • Cosmetic enhancement and revision surgery
  • Correcting nasal irregularities
  • Improve breathing problems
  • Nasal trauma
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Aging-related concerns
  • Ethnic or cultural considerations

Whether you are looking to address previous nasal trauma or you are concerned about the profile appearance or asymmetric central location of your nose, Dr Farhadieh can help.

Dr Farhadieh – leading nose surgeon Sydney & Canberra

One of the most respected nose surgeons in Sydney and Canberra, Dr Farhadieh delivers remarkable results. Even uncommon issues such as a drooping, thickened tip or excessive flaring of nostrils can be corrected with a nose surgery under the hands of our experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

Just some of the many reasons our patients choose Dr Farhadieh include:


Rhinoplasty Nose Job
(1:00) | World Renowned Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Ross Farhadieh on Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery seeks to fix any structural, shape, size and functional shortcomings of the nose. As the centre of the face, the nose plays perhaps the most defining part in determining our look. As such, reshaping is often considered one of the most challenging facial aesthetic procedures.

The ideal nose is determined as much by personal preferences and aesthetic standards as by cultural norms. There is no standard appearance and each procedure has to be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Any nose job surgery should ideally seek to preserve essence and character while enhancing aesthetic form and the nature of the subject. It is vital that both surgeon and patient understand and agree with each other on what needs to be addressed.

As a rhinoplasty specialist in Sydney and Canberra, Dr Farhadieh has years of experience in this type of rhinoplasty – you are in exceptional hands!

Before surgery:
As one of the few triple board-certified plastic surgeons in Sydney, Dr Farhadieh strives to tailor a surgical plan that will best suit your face. During the initial consultation with Dr Farhadieh, you will go over your previous medical history, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clotting disorders (we advise you stop taking any blood-thinning medications or alternative dietary supplements for at least two weeks before your nose surgery)
  • Thyroid disease
  • All previous surgeries
  • Smoking history (we advise you stop smoking for at least three–six weeks both before and after surgery)
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Current medications

You can then discuss any aesthetic and functional concerns. After examining your nose and facial features, a set of medical record photographs will be taken, and all options will be presented.

Major complications are not common in rhinoplasty, and all possible risks will be discussed at length during your consultation.

Nose jobs are performed either as an outpatient surgery or in the hospital (either in Sydney or Canberra, depending on where you’re located) with overnight admission. Before surgery, Dr Farhadieh will mark your nose and face and address any remaining questions with you.

During surgery:

The surgery involves internal incisions and often a small external incision (open rhinoplasty), which heals well and is not noticeable. Nose job surgery usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours but can sometimes be longer. Depending on the aim, your nose may be built up in areas using your own nasal cartilage, the bridge may be narrowed, the septum straightened, and the nostrils adjusted if need be.

After surgery:

When you wake up in post-operative recovery, there will be a thermoplastic plaster on your nose. You will need to wear this for up to two weeks post-surgery. We provide pain relief to make you comfortable, as your nose will feel blocked, and you may experience breathing difficulties. However, most patients adapt to mouth breathing quickly. If you have been admitted overnight, you will be discharged in the morning after removing nasal packs. If you are a day patient, you must organise someone to drive you home.

You will be seen again in our clinic within a week and will have your external sutures removed. The skin of your nose will be partially numb owing to the open technique, but this should recover in time.

Before proceeding, ensure you have read all the information sheets and have your questions answered.

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Having completed major facial aesthetic and reconstructive fellowships and complex microsurgical procedures, Dr Farhadieh strongly believes that a good relationship between patients and surgeons is the building block of any successful outcome. Commitment to patient care and good communication is the philosophy of our clinic. We will ask to see you again in our clinic routinely and will always be available for any issues that may require addressing.


These patient-approved rhinoplasty before and after images give you an idea of Dr Farhadieh’s exceptional skills. Simply run the arrow across the shot to see the remarkable transformation of nose jobs in Sydney and Canberra.



The cost of rhinoplasty in Sydney or Canberra depends on the level of surgery required. As a rough estimate, anticipate somewhere within the range of $15,000 – $17,000.

Please just reach out to our friendly customer service team who can find out some more information and provide you with an estimate. We ensure all billings are 100% transparent and you are aware of costs before we proceed. Don’t worry – you will never be surprised by unexpected fees!

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A successful nose job can be transformative to your physical, emotional and medical well-being. We want to empower you with the right information every step of the way, so contact our friendly customer service team with any questions. Once you make the decision to put yourself in Dr Farhadieh’s care and expertise, you won’t look back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, rhinoplasty is intricate surgery, which deals with the nasal structures inside and out. General anaesthesia is the safest way to undertake this surgery.

Hardly, except for a small step external incision, which heals without a trace. The rest of the incisions are inside the nose.

This can vary from patient to patient. The majority of bruising and swelling resolves within the first 7–10 days. Some of the nasal tip skin remains sensitive and often numb for a few months postoperatively.

All humans have some intrinsic asymmetry to their face and body, but in adequately trained hands noticeable persistent asymmetry following rhinoplasty is rare. This is important in treating the nose because it is the central aesthetic unit of the face.

The face is amongst the most intricate parts of the body and its importance in projecting our sense of ‘self’ is clear. Performing a rhinoplasty is often thought of as a subspecialty amongst plastic surgeons and those who are interested seek further training beyond basic plastic surgical qualifications. Dr Farhadieh has an interest in facial surgery and has undertaken two separate clinical fellowships in London, England, focusing on the face from both cosmetic and reconstructive perspectives.  You are in the safest and best trained hands with us.

Dr Farhadieh believes that the relationship between doctor and patient is sacred and privileged. Our practice is based on compassion, honesty, transparency and, above all, patient welfare. We pride ourselves on making sure that you feel supported at all times. We will be available during all stages of your journey and will schedule short-, medium- and long-term follow-up appointments as part of our overall practice.

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