Your First Consultation

Your first consultation marks the point when we get to join you on what has likely been an exciting and very personal journey. More often than not, you have at this stage reached the point where you’ve done your research, and are ready to go ahead with surgery, as long as it’s with the right surgeon for you. This first consultation serves many objectives, namely an exchange of vital information. Moreover, it is an opportunity for us to get to know you, and to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With clear and transparent communication, respect, and collaboration, a mutual trust is borne and carried throughout your entire journey.

During your first consultation Dr Farhadieh will:

  • ask you to talk about yourself, and to convey to him what concerns you the most, and what results you’re expecting to achieve
  • discuss with you, in detail, the options for addressing your areas of concern
  • review your past medical and surgical history, including any medications you may be on
  • perform a physical examination relevant to the intended procedure

A plan is formulated to address your areas of concern. This plan will be explained and discussed at length, including intended benefits; details of the procedure itself; recovery timelines; side effects, and any potential complications, even if they are rare and uncommon. Dr Farhadieh will try and answer all of your questions

Please bring with you:

  • Any relevant scans and scan reports or medical referrals. Its always a good idea to keep your GP in the loop
  • Any medical and surgical reports, if relevant
  • An up-to-to date list of medications
  • Any pictures/images which you think will help convey your desired outcomes

We welcome, encourage and invite questions from our patients. Outside of the consultation room, our Clinical Liaison is available 7 days a week to answer clinical questions, particularly those that may come to patients after they have left the consultation room. She can be contacted via the Clinic, or on her personal email: [email protected].

If Dr Farhadieh feels that surgery is not the best option for you, or that your desired results are not achievable, he will tell you this unreservedly, and transparently. He believes that the doctor-patient rapport is one of the most sacred and privileged relationships, and one that is based on clear communication, honesty, and trust.

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