At Panthea, we are passionate about our patients and what we do. This is crystallised in our 5 core values:

  • Respecting individuality: You are unique.Every management plan, and any surgery that Dr Farhadieh undertakes, will be tailored to suit your needs, wants, and wishes.
  • Appreciating what looks and feels natural: The hallmark of excellence in plastic surgery is subtlety; it’s about illuminating your own beauty as opposed to creating something unnatural.
  • Preserving the function and harmony of the body: Dr Farhadieh is dedicated to excellence not just in his aesthetic results, but also in maintaining the function and harmony of the face and body. Think of a facelift… a superior result is one where you are not only looking refreshed and younger, but also where your natural facial animation and expression is preserved or a rhinoplasty, where not only is your nose sculpted to achieve a desired outcome, but your breathing physiology is preserved or enhanced where necessary.
  • Clear and transparent communication: We communicate clearly, professionally, and free from medical jargon. And if we think a procedure isn’t suited to you, we will tell you this unreservedly.
  • Being with you every step of your journey: From the point of first contact and throughout your long-term follow-up appointments, we are always there for you. Every member of our team is warm, kind, approachable, and always there to answer your questions.

Our outstanding clinical outcomes are a reflection of our international position as leaders in the field of plastic surgery. After all, your body is your only permanent asset in life and the safest hands are the best trained hands.

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