As we age, the foundational structures that make up our face, including ligaments, muscles, skin and subcutaneous fat, begin to change. These structures can also be affected by intrinsic factors related to your race and genetics, as well as extrinsic factors such as previous surgeries and environmental exposures. Accordingly, many patients seek to address a heavy brow, drooping upper eyelids, puffy lower eyelids, loss of skin laxity in the mid-low face region, or a loose neck and jowls. World Renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Ross Farhadieh has simplified what procedures can be done to help you address these target areas.

Forehead/Brow Lift

Target area: As evident by the name of the procedure, this procedure addresses the area above your eyebrows. Over-active forehead muscles, stress or constant sun exposure can cause wrinkle lines. It can also lead to loosening of the muscles and loss of elasticity in the skin, which results in a heavy or prominent brow.

What can a brow lift achieve? A brow lift can restore a youthful and relaxed appearance in a number of ways. It can reduce wrinkle lines, improve and reduce frown lines between the brows and raise hooded and drooping skin above the eyelids. This is achieved by tightening the muscles across your forehead and pulling the skin upwards to create a more refreshed and alert look.

Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift

Target area: An eyelid lift, also known as a blepharoplasty procedure, targets the upper and/or lower eyelids. Over time, loss of skin laxity and accumulation of excess fat may result in the upper lids sagging over the eyes, creating hooded eyelids that can also affect your vision. Protruding fat and excess skin may also cause fat expansion in the sockets below the eyes, creating ‘bags’ and a puffy appearance. Patients who are partial to squinting may also develop lines and wrinkles around the eye region, leading them to seek a blepharoplasty procedure.

What can a blepharoplasty achieve? A blepharoplasty procedure can significantly reduce the signs of ageing by removing excess fat and skin to get rid of any sagging or puffiness. This can also eliminate any vision problems and create a younger and more alert appearance.

Mid-Face Lift

Target area: The mid-face area focuses on the middle portion of the face, including the area underneath the eyes, the cheeks and the area between the nose and mouth. Similarly, to the forehead, the ageing process can cause loss of volume in the cheeks and drooping skin, which may create wrinkle lines underneath the eyes and around your mouth.

What can a mid-face lift achieve? While the brow lift tightens and smooths the face, the mid-face lift seeks to raise the soft tissue and lift the cheeks and the skin. A mid-face lift can improve sagging cheeks and reduce or eliminate the lines that run from the nose to the mouth. This technique is suitable for patients with mild signs of ageing, whereas a standard facelift in conjunction with a neck lift may be appropriate for those patients seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Full Facelift

Target area: A full facelift not only addresses the mid-face region, but also the lower portion of your face, including the area around your mouth, jaw and neck. A full facelift is indicated in patients who have been acutely affected by ageing, where they have acquired a deeper set of wrinkles and the skin hangs loose on their jaw and neck.

What can a full facelift achieve? A full facelift can remove any excess skin, lift and tighten the skin around your face and neck to create a well contoured, youthful appearance while reducing wrinkles. A full facelift can rejuvenate the entire face and unwind the clock on a person’s face.

Neck Lift

Target area: Throughout the ageing process, the skin on the neck may lose its elasticity. This can result in a lack of a contoured jawline, jowls, wrinkling and a ‘turkey neck’.

What can a neck lift achieve? A neck lift procedure removes any excess fat and skin, and lifts and smooths the skin to create a more defined jawline and a slimmer, smoother-looking neck.

Which procedure will benefit you?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to facelift surgery, as it is specifically tailored to the patient’s wants and needs, as well as their individual features. The ultimate goal is to achieve a natural aesthetic that makes the patient look and feel younger. Where patients wish to have changes made to their underlying facial appearance, Dr Farhadieh will discuss their surgical options with them in detail at their initial consultation. Enquire today!


Dr Ross Farhadieh

Dr Farhadieh is an internationally renowned Australian qualified and trained Plastic Surgery. He holds fellowship qualifications in Plastic Surgery from Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons (England) as well the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. He has multiple clinical subspecialty fellowships in Cosmetic, Pediatrics as well as Microsurgery from World Leading institutes in London.


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