Breast cancer is a devastating disease that affects too many women in today’s world. Curative surgery without a reconstruction often results in a lifetime of physical and psychological burden for sufferers. Dr Farhadieh has a special interest in breast reconstruction surgery. Part of any ideal breast mound is an appropriately placed nipple–areola complex. Fortunately, nuanced reconstructive surgical techniques allow us to restore what nature has taken away.

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Whether you have an autologous (your own tissues), alloplastic (implant-based) or combined breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction options are available. The surgery is done as a day procedure often under local anaesthetic only. Local skin is manipulated into the shape of a nipple. Once the wounds have healed, a medical tattooist colours the skin. This permanent nipple reconstruction is often so good that it is barely perceptible to the untrained eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the surgery painful?

Whether you had a flap or implant reconstruction, the skin overlying the new breast mound is often numb. Nipple reconstruction is carried out as a day procedure performed under local anaesthetic only or with sedation. Postoperative pain is rare.

When can I go back to work?

This is a day procedure. You will be able to go back to work the next day and resume all normal activities.

Can the reconstructed nipple goes flat?

According to the literature, the majority of nipple reconstructions lose up to 50% of their height within the first 12 months despite surgical provisions for this possibility. There are means of remedying this, should it happen.

What are the costs?

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