Mastopexy-Augmentation: Short Video

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What does a mastopexy-augmentation achieve? 

Mastopexy is surgery that allows lifting of the sagging breast, repositioning the nipple–areolar complex and re-coning the breast tissues. Where breast augmentation (implants) to restore or supplement volume is also appropriate, a combined procedure may be undertaken.

Over time, breasts can show signs of both deflation and sagging. The surrounding suspensory ligaments, as well as, the skin envelope which help maintain the breast glandular tissue in place, lose their elasticity. This causes the breast to sag. This is compounded by deflation of the breast glandular tissue, often due to breastfeeding, general ageing and hormonal exposures. Some patients want not only to have their breasts restored to a more youthful appearance, but also to have their size augmented with implants. At Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra, our breast implants are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee supplied by the manufacturer.

Mastopexy-augmentation’s by Dr Ross Farhadieh: 

For more images of cosmetic breast procedures done by Dr Ross Farhadieh, please click HERE.

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Dr Ross Farhadieh
Dr Farhadieh is an internationally renowned Australian qualified and trained Plastic Surgery. He holds fellowship qualifications in Plastic Surgery from Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons (England) as well the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. He has multiple clinical subspecialty fellowships in Cosmetic, Pediatrics as well as Microsurgery from World Leading institutes in London.
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