Dr Ross Farhadieh has a special academic interest in breast augmentation procedures. As a Internationally leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he has provided expert commentary for a number of international plastic surgery journals. He was also appointed as Chief Editor of the plastic surgery textbook, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches and Techniques, authoring many of his own chapters including a chapter on breast augmentation. Due to his level of expertise and wealth of knowledge, you can feel confident in Dr Farhadieh’s ability to provide World Class care tailored to your needs.

“Excellent Service from Start to Finish”

4th August 2019 – “Dr Farhadieh was extremely professional, supportive and informative. I wanted 4 years to my surgery to make sure I got the best possible surgeon and I couldn’t be happier with my result. My experience from start to finish was amazing. Highly recommend”

“Amazing Wow”

13th January 2019 – “I was freshly 18 when I went Ross Farhadieh for my breast augmentation. He and his team made me feel so comfortable from the moment I stepped into his office giving me heaps of knowledge about breast augmentation. Surgery was great new I was in great care. Now a year later loving my breast feeling confident in everything. Totally worth it”

“Very Professional”

22nd May 2018 – “Dr Farhadieh is very professional, from the very first time I stepped into his consulting rooms, through my surgery then aftercare. He kept me well informed throughout my procedure. If I have to have any further procedure I would highly recommend Dr Farhadieh”

“To look and feel more balanced with my body shape….”

18th March 2018 – “To look and feel more balanced with my body shape. A bit of discomfort after the first 4 days post op but it was expected. Back to almost 100% (gym, work, driving) after 2 weeks post op. Happy with the result as my breasts look very appropriate for my body shape and look natural. Highly recommended.”

“Mr Ross Farhadieh is an amazing surgeon!!”

28th October 2017 – “Mr Ross Farhadieh is an amazing surgeon!! I’ve gone from been flat chested to now a big C, small D (380cc) and I absolutely love them!! They are the perfect size and shape for my body. I would highly recommend Mr Farhadieh to anyone looking at getting breast implants. Thank you so much Mr Farhadieh!!”

“I could not be happier”

27th September 2017 – “I have always been self conscious about my breasts and due to a combination of weight loss and genetics I was left with a chest that as a 24 y/o I did not really feel reflected my age and personality at all. The gym can only do so much when it comes to that area and I decided to do what I had always known I wanted to and get a breast augmentation. I could not be happier. I am currently one week post op and beyond happy with the results already. Pain has been extremely minimal due to the exceptional care given to me by Panthea and I have returned to one of my jobs with ease and will be returning to my second, more physically demanding one at a later date. My experience from the beginning of my journey til now with Panthea has been tailored, personal and professional. I was always confident and out going before but my confidence has already been boosted even more in the last week, I am 100% happier with the figure I now see in the mirror and I feel more “me”. Personally, the only down sides I can complain about is the fact I currently can’t go to the gym for a while, and as someone who has preferred sleeping on their stomach most of their life making the change to a back sleeper has been odd”

“I felt so comfortable from the moment I met Dr Farhadieh”

18th July 2017 – “I felt so comfortable from the moment I met Dr Farhadieh when entering my first consultation. He thoroughly explained all the risks of the procedure and gave me the opportunity to take my time with my decision and come back for a second consultation. This procedure was something I have been wanting for a very long time and I am extremely happy I chose to go with Dr Farhadieh and his team.”

“Very kind and exceptionally knowledgeable surgeon”

14th September 2016 – “DR Farhadieh, I firstly want to thank you for being the perfectionist that you are, I feel very fortunate to have found you after having an mastectomy due to Breast Cancer, and I’m so grateful for all the time you have spent walking me through each step, and answering all my million questions with regards to my Autologous Augmentation Breast Reconstruction procedure, you are a very professional and gifted man – thank you once again as the whole journey has been very life changing for me. I am very happy with my 6 months post op Breast Augmentation result, but I know there is more surgery to come, because as a perfectionist that you are, and knowing you will be there to make everything right makes me extremely privileged! I have no pain or discomfort & I’m back playing sport as normal which I really missed while in my recover stage. You’re a very kind and exceptionally knowledgeable Surgeon with impeccable protocols, and I also need to mention and thank your very skilled and brilliant supportive staff that assisted with any issues or concerns I had during this journey. If I was to do this again, I would be certain to have you as my Surgeon. Thanks once again :)”

“Dr Farhadieh has even more experience than most in his field”

14th August 2016 – “I had enjoyed fairly normal sized breasts which I liked for most of my life. After having three pregnancies my breasts felt empty. If I bent over they sagged. I had lost my shape and I was losing confidence with my body. It took me a long time to make the decision to see a surgeon. I had never had an operation in my life and it seemed like such an over the top thing to do. A good friend advised me to see Dr Ross Farhadieh, she explained the importance of seeing a Plastic Surgeon instead of a Cosmetic Surgeon. I was very grateful for this advice. Upon seeing the amount of study and training that a Plastic Surgeon does over a cosmetic surgeon it was a no – brainer. What I also liked was that Dr Farhadieh has even more experience than most in his field. I felt like I was in the best care possible before I had even met him.”

“He has the best bed-side manner”

10th May 2016 – “I discussed with my GP what I was feeling about myself and my body about 6 months before seeing Ross. She had no concerns as I wanted to look my age and not like a 13 yo and that there were no other reasons I wanted to get a breast augmentation other than for myself. My partner and I had discussed it at length and he would have been happy if I hadn’t gotten it done however also understood that I didn’t feel like an adult, I felt like a child whenever I looked into the mirror when naked. The best way to describe my breasts was that they were sitting on a shelf. The whole lower pole was missing. Push up bras I had tried and they didn’t do much pushing up, instead helping me fill the bottom of the bra! I was wearing a 12C at the time, the amount of tissue my breasts had could have fit into a B however they would spill over the edge and not even touch the bottom. Bra fitting was horrible and every time I got a bra fitted I was a different size.
After my GP was comfortable with me seeing a plastic surgeon, she referred me to Ross. He was fantastic! Firstly, he found out a bit about me and my background with science and medicine. As I know a bit about anatomy he began to talk to me with medical terms, with my mum who was there for support needing further explanation! An examination took place and then he asked me what I wanted to which I replied that I wanted a natural and in-proportion bust. He was so pleased and went on to show me what he would do if I decided to see him as a surgeon. He encouraged me to look around and find a surgeon I was entirely comfortable with but by this point I was so convinced I wanted the surgery to be done by Ross.
I was comfortable with Ross, more so than I have been with any medical professional accept my GP, so I was ready to get it done! The day came and I went in, only to wait and wait and wait and then finally have my surgery cancelled because Ross was very busy sewing someone’s hand back on who had been in an accident. I was so upset but Ross booked my surgery to be the next morning. It reassured me how good he was that he will get called to do a very tricky surgery, I was told later that they guy with the hand has regained most function! Post surgery I was sore. That is normal. Sore and uncomfortable. That only lasted a short time though and after the compulsory 3 months of no lifting I was back to myself. My partner noticed a massive change, I was happier. Our sex life was way better, not because he was more attracted to me, no no! Because I was happier and felt sexier. I noticed seeing my before and after shots that my posture had also improved. My friends who knew about the surgery noticed how happy I was with it. So much so that one of them who had been thinking about a breast augmentation went to see Ross and got hers done as well. I would highly recommend Ross to anyone, whether you go through with it or not, he really does make sure you understand everything and are comfortable. He has the best bed-side manner I’ve seen and really gets his job satisfaction seeing you happy. He will try to talk you out of an E cup though! SO if you want Pamela Anderson, I’d rethink what you want!”

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Dr Ross Farhadieh

Dr Farhadieh is an internationally renowned Australian qualified and trained Plastic Surgery. He holds fellowship qualifications in Plastic Surgery from Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Royal College of Surgeons (England) as well the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. He has multiple clinical subspecialty fellowships in Cosmetic, Pediatrics as well as Microsurgery from World Leading institutes in London.


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